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Understanding the Widal Test for Diagnosing Typhus

Widal test is one way to diagnose typhus. This examination is still widely carried out in Indonesia because it is practical, fast, easy, and inexpensive. Typhus is also known as typhus or typhoid fever. Of the 11-20 million typhus cases per year in the world, Indonesia along with other countries in Southeast Asia have the most typhus cases. This disease is characterized by fever accompanied by indigestion, such as constipation or diarrhea. The Widal Test Function for Typhus Diagnosis Typhus is caused by Salmonella bacterial infection. This bacterium can be found in foods that are not cooked well, or not processed hygienically. When Salmonella bacteria enter the human body, the body's defense system will respond by producing special antibody substances to fight Salmonella bacteria. A Widal test is performed to determine the amount of the antibody. An increase in the number of these antibodies can indicate typhus. How to Do and Read Widal Tests When symptoms are suspected as
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Get to know the causes of tonsil stones and how to overcome them

Tonsil stones are a collection of minerals that solidify on the surface of tonsils. Generally tonsil stones are as big as gravel and yellowish white. Although not dangerous, the appearance of these stones can cause bad breath and pain in the mouth and throat area. Tonsil stones can occur in anyone who still has tonsils (tonsils), which are tissue pads that are on both sides of the back of the mouth. The frequency of the appearance of this stone is quite diverse. Some people can experience it repeatedly even with more than one stone. Various Causes of Tonsil Stones Tonsil stones are formed from a buildup of bacteria, food scraps, dead skin cells, saliva, and plaque in the mouth, in the surface crevices of the tonsils. Over time, this pile can settle and become solid, like a rock. There are several conditions which are considered to cause tonsil stones, which are: Large tonsillary or rocky structure When tonsils have many niches, or have a large enough gap, dirt in the mouth can

Many benefits, let's teach your little ones to love themselves

Mother feels that she has taught Little One a variety of abilities from an early age, from reading to counting. But why did he grow into a child who is often troubled and stressed? Maybe this happened because Mother had not taught to love yourself. Many parents focus on a child's academic ability but forget to teach them the importance of loving themselves. Though children who love themselves will grow more confident, proud of what they can do, able to learn from their mistakes, and not easily influenced by negative environments. Start from simple things Mother, teaching children to love themselves can actually be started from things that we do every day, such as: Helping children master new things Children become more confident and love themselves after mastering new things. For example wearing your own clothes, reading, or riding a bicycle. Mother can give him an example first and invite him to imitate or repeat. Even if at first he didn't succeed, at least he was pr